Will technology lessen the risk of drink driving accidents?

Will technology lessen the risk of drink driving accidents?

Drink driving causing devastating accidents since the invention of the motor vehicle. According to statistics, in 1990, over half of all traffic fatalities were caused or contributed to by alcohol. While that rate has significantly decreased over the years. A third of all traffic deaths are still caused by those who drink and drive.

Drink driving lawyers know that more needs to be done to effectively and quickly decrease these fatality rates. Recent alcohol detecting technology which is currently under development may be the solution to this problem that the victims of drink driving accidents are hoping to see for many years.

On the one hand, technology is making the law more complicated. But on the other hand drink, driving lawyers are also finding ways to use new developments to their advantage. Technology is also helping drink driving lawyers to ensure consistency where previously was difficult to establish.

Many law firms are using new tools, techniques, apps and even software that provides templates to draft reports quicker and easier, ensuring greater uniformity and that no steps are missed.

Also, the technology to detect drink driving cases

Above we talk about the technological advancements used by drink driving lawyers to organize the cases lies with them while researchers are also using the same technological advancements to detect the offenders who drink and drive.

The example to this is researchers at a Boston corporation have been working on detection technologies that could prevent motorists from being able to start their vehicles if they are under the influence of alcohol. Using funding from the federal government and the nation’s 16 major automakers, the research firm is developing the Driver Alcohol Detection System for Safety or the DADSS project.

The project is focusing on two potentially life-changing technologies. One is breath-based, uses a sensor that is mounted near the steering wheel. It can quickly and accurately assess whether a driver is above or below the legal limit of consuming alcohol. If a motorist is above the limit, the device prevents the driver from starting the vehicle.

The other technology that the team is developing is touch based. Motorists would simply touch a start button, and it determines the driver’s blood alcohol content level using infrared light. Both technologies are convenient, and therefore researchers believe that people will opt to have these features included in their new-vehicle purchases to prevent their involvement in driving under the influence i.e., drink driving related cases.

The digital revolution is serious business, for lawbreakers as well as for law protectors.

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