Business is going to change significantly, according to Reep Rewards boss James Lenehan ” the time comes when your fridge decides that you are out of milk and buys some online will be “on steroids.” In the future, everyone will be using EPOS stock control systems. Online shopping will be new height; it is assumed that over 50% people buy things online. Networking is going to be key to the near future, and not just selling goods, also used in communicating to customers wherever they are and also in building up a profile of clients that allows us to serve them better.


How will the banking sector look after 20 years? Globalization will introduce new standards in the banking; this will be beyond the boundaries of countries. Numerous international banks will cater for consumers on an into scale. Regulation, completion, consumer protection and competition will have to be organized in a global fashion. Robustness of security and system will be paramount. We will reach the moment very fast when cash and payment cards will no longer be required, the use of biometrics for account access will be commonplace. Consumers will have more control over financial choices, according to the KBC Bank chief forecast “Exciting developments on some fronts. However, one thing cannot be changed, and it is the customer service because it is the key to success.


Mainstream’s  Power founder and chief executive Eddie O’Connor say “The variation in the next 20 years will be cataclysmic, the move to renewable is inexorable and accelerating” Wind energy is half the price of coal similarly the solar is about three-quarters when you compare new-build power stations with new builds. In next 20 years, the production is cheaper from today. Smart meters installed everywhere; consumers will be given instructions about appliances that if the price electricity goes above a certain price, the devices switch it off or go to power saver mode.


If you look at past only 20 years, you cannot imagine the situation like today about communication. Today we are happy to watch the video in HD, after 20 years the term “Ultra HD” will be so common that means more powerful Internet will be introduced. Map locator is also common; it is a helpful feature of communication but not utilized today as much.

See the video, the Bill Gates:


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