What sets PDQ Specialist Courier Services Apart?

What sets PDQ Specialist Courier Services Apart?

This is what sets PDQ Specialist Courier Services apart, as much as any area of logistic work, is the selection of unique temperature-controlled courier options it offers to r clients. They understand the vital role that a reliable temperature-controlled courier service will play in serving the medical, pharmaceutical, hazardous and scientific analysis industries. These are all sectors which we specialize in and excel in providing transit for, making us one of the most respected temperature controlled couriers companies in the world.

Temperature controlled courier provide service to a host of notable clients throughout the public and private sector, maintaining a track record as a leading specialist courier through ongoing contracts with some fundamental NHS foundations and multi-national companies. This is indicative of the level of quality, security and reliability Temperature controlled courier provide with each of our temperature-controlled deliveries.

In their ongoing work as specialist temperature-controlled couriers, they are fully aware of the key importance of offering you clear traceability throughout each delivery. Any client who enlists our courier service has the invitation to monitor the minute-by-minute location and exact temperature levels of their consignments at each stage of its transit, through access to our unique client portal. They understand how sensitive many of the transports are and the key value they hold with our clients, so as the leading temperature-controlled couriers in the UK, we always go the extra mile in offering peace of mind through their reliability, transparency and rapid delivery.

As well as employing a comprehensive UKAS ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System in our work, they also ensure that all of our vehicle drivers have undergone expert training and hold up-to-date certification. They make sure to monitor all of their procedures closely and see to it that their vehicles are regularly maintained, as well as adhering to all guidelines. We understand the time-sensitive nature of many temperature-controlled means of transport, so we keep a contingency capacity across our vehicle fleet, allowing them to offer short notice delivery services at any time. Another unique feature here at PDQ is the fact that their complete certification enables their team of drivers to carry a wide spectrum of hazardous pathology samples, pharmaceutical products, clinical trials, radioactive materials and nuclear medicine.

We take this level of quality very seriously across the range of services we offer, establishing a definite level of excellence as temperature-controlled couriers. Our range of specialist courier options across the UK and around Europe is second-to-none. As well as being able to rely on the experience of our drivers, and being able to monitor your item/s throughout their delivery, you can also be confident in the fact that each of the vehicles we employ comes equipped with a range of safety features. This will ensure the protection of your transit even in unforeseen situations, with emergency locking and a series of alarms.

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