Medical couriers for medical supplies

Medical couriers for medical supplies

Medical couriers are highly trained professionals who deliver medical supplies and products to a wide variety of medical facilities. We deliver to hospitals, labs, clinics, doctors’ offices, pharmacies and research facilities. Depending on the type of delivery and what is being shipped, a specific type of vehicle may be needed. We have vehicles equipped with compartments that can keep items refrigerated or frozen at whatever temperature is needed for the specimen’s safety.

In medical couriers delivery division, people understand that the packages they carry can be extremely fragile and perishable. Their transport takes on a new level of urgency. As with any medical shipment, the client’s privacy is of the utmost importance. They provide them with 100 percent confidential, secure service that is both punctual and guaranteed.

At Medical courier, anything that is medical, from body parts (kidneys, hearts, livers, lungs, etc.), live tissue samples, fertility genetics, samples from lab tests and embryo samples. Medical courier service makes hundreds of stops each day.

Medical courier understands the needs of the medical community when it comes to deliveries and the use of couriers. They have made a name for themselves with local hospitals, laboratories, and medical professionals by providing punctual, efficient and 100% confidential deliveries throughout the world for several years now.

Expert Medical Courier Services Including:
• Emergency, door to door service 24/7, all day and all night, every day of the year
• PUC licensed and fully insured
• Our vehicles are equipped to handle various items that may include refrigeration or freezing temperatures during transport
• We have state of the art technology that allows us to digitally track your package every step of the way
• Our couriers use a new radio dispatch system that allows our drivers to be as fast and efficient as possible

Elements of a Successful Medical Courier
When it comes to working with the medical and healthcare industry, there are several elements a company needs to be successful. Without them, the organization is practically impossible, and punctuality is hit and misses. Redline understands these concepts and takes great pride in embracing those elements and making them the lifeblood of their company.

They include:
• Urgent and punctual delivery
• 100 % strictly confidential, absolute privacy
• Refrigerated compartments for the most fragile and perishable shipments
• Meticulous record keeping, including chain of custody and driver documentation
• Courteous customer service
• Guaranteed, on time delivery times

Each of these elements is important in its way. The staff at Redline makes every attempt to ensure that each aspect of the service we provide meets or exceeds what our clients expect from us. In the medical profession, second best is not good enough. In certain instances, our drivers know they may be responsible for saving the life of another person. Every shipment we carry is treated as if it is the most important package in the world. In a way, it is, especially to the person who will be receiving its benefits.

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