Our future is base on virtual reality; we cannot imagine in the 90s that technology will progress so faster. The internet is backbone about this all. Presently, we use cell phones, applications, 3D, HD and so many other features of technology, and there is no boundary of it. So, what will the future of virtual reality, it is the questions often come in mind.



The obvious use for virtual reality which is most demonstrated and demandable also is to. For the future perspective, it is now under discussion that by using nano-tech as a means of allowing us to think about beyond the boundaries of the human body and go into the digital world. You would become one with the virtual world. Your brain would be uploaded into a computer system. It’s improbable to be supported by all games any time yet, but from what we have the played with both Oculus and Morpheus, Virtual Reality will allow a strong, immersive and impressive experience that brings gaming to a whole new level of excellence.

Watching Films


Something that has been talked about with wide eyed wonder is the opportunity of movies that take advantage of Virtual Reality’s immersive technicalities. Just think about 3D films and then think about actual, the real 3D movie you can look around in as you see, looked at the actions from different angle and attention toward whatever you select. It is theoretical at best right now, but the reality is there. And it could change film-watching forever.

Virtual Surgery


It is much better and safer for surgeons in a training period to wonderful their techniques on things other than real humans. Virtual reality simulated training can educate and teach fundamental skills to doctors before they take patients under the knife. This type of training called Surgical Simulation Training. Developers will keep on improving and creating better and more improved surgical simulation training modules as technology advances are accomplished. Healthcare organizations and physicians will probably continue to use this tool as an improvement to the educational process. Future research will disclose how these models impact surgical training and how they compare to other training and education modules.

Watch this incredible video:

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