Technology continues to accelerate; we can expect more and more changing in the years and decades ahead. Today we see technology at its best, but things are changing so fast. Technology has a big impact on society and on the economy, the changes are much harder to accept. What more could turn up to make our lives so much more changed? Faster computers?  Gadgets?. We look back on our life today and amazed to see how we could have lived with such prehistoric technology.

Alternative Source of Energy


The major will change in the alternative source of energy, so many countries are taking benefit of this source of energy, but in progressing countries of subcontinent and African are not as much as they can. Due to the thread of global warming, it is then necessary to save energy by the source of Sun. The time will come when the vehicles and trains are shifted on this energy; this will change the future.

Floating Farms


United Nations predicts that there will be 2 billion people in the world by 2050, demand will increase more than 70% of food from today. Mostly people living in cities, town and villages dissolved which are the main produce of crops. Farms will be moored on the sea or inland lakes which could be closed to cities. Due to these type of farms, the agricultural will grow faster than ever, and it will be the landmark in the history.

Everything will be Digitally Connected


Internet will be more effective in the future; smart appliances will be so common. Today we have examples of smart houses but in a very small number. It is obvious that in future the smart house will be common and digitally connected with you. HD videos turn into Super HD it means that more strong internet connectivity will introduces.

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